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The Beauty and Wisdom of China Came to Holy Family Catholic Academy in Ensley
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Monday, January 27, 2020
The display of banners with The Ten Confucian Virtues were amazing!

This event included an introduction to the exercise of Tai Chi provided by the Birmingham Tai Chi Group; instruction on how to use Chinese brushes in writing calligraphy; and eating with Chop Sticks, Chinese Spoons and Bowls.  Students played games such as Kick the Swallows and Pick Up Marbles. 

The highlight of the event was a special display of banners with The Ten Confucian Virtues:  Benevolence, Righteousness, Proprieties & Rites, Wisdom, Trustworthiness, Filial Piety, Brotherly Love, Faithfulness, Incorruptibility, and Sense of Shame.  Holy Family Catholic Academy received a Brass Confucius Statue as a gift from Dr. Yan Kai Tong, President of The Confucian Academy.  The Confucian Academy is a non-government, non-profit, and non-political organization founded in 1930 in Hong Kong by scholars of Confucius.

“We are very excited to receive the same type of beautiful brass statue that was also presented to Pope Francis, the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church, in 2018,”
Mrs. Jenkins has brought China to Ensley.

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