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HFCA 2020-2021 Registration & Rates Information

Registration Information
Thank you for showing interest in enrolling your child at Holy Family Catholic Academy. Holy Family is committed to academic excellences and teaching the gospel teachings to students.
Holy Family Catholic Academy welcomes all students regardless of race, sex, and national or ethnic origin.

Students are eligible for admission if they meet the following criteria:
1. Our school is suited to the students needs.
2. There is a vacancy.
3. The conditions for admission to the school have been met (such as age, medical, etc)

The following requirements must be met before acceptance is final:
• Application/Registration Form with $200 Registration Fee
• Year's Report Card noting promotion
• Current Immunization Card (IMM50)
• Birth Certificate with state seal (a copy)
• Social Security Card (a copy)


One Child - $4,000.00 - $400.00/month

Two Children - $7,000.00 - $700.00/month

Three Children - $6,500.00 - $650.00/month

Fourth Child - Free

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